Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trees, Trees, Trees, And Yes, Even More Trees

The property at the Field House is quite literally surrounded by trees. We have six rather gothic, foreboding Norway Spruce along the front walk, a Colorado Blue Spruce on the lawn behind, a large three trunked Birch near the front corner of the house, a Mountain Ash, Jack Pine, and Black Walnut in various locations in the rear yard, and no less than eighteen White Spruce along the rear and right property lines. These trees remain even after I felled a Linden, a Manitoba Maple, and three poorly located and leaning White Spruces over the last three years. Consequently, the garden has an abundance of shade!

The shade also comes in a number of varieties, including partial shade, dappled shade, and moderate to full shade depending on relative location to the closest trees. Interestingly enough, the property was advertised as having beautiful gardens when we purchased it, and although some of the gardens were nice, for the most part they were not well thought out, and there were numerous examples of plants located inappropriately. Roughly one quarter of the garden area can be considered part to full sun, with the remaining three quarters having some kind of shade as described above. It was funny then to see Hostas in some of the sunny bright patches, and Sedums in the darker shade!

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