Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hosta La Vista, Baby! (Part 1)

It has been almost seven years since I decided something had to be done with the gardens at the Field House. Pretty much everwhere I looked, the beds were either not there, not big enough, or not planted quite properly. The only real problem was I had absolutely no clue how to do things properly! I really had no experience gardening, and I couldn't even remember simple plant names, like Hosta or Sedum. Basically, I was a complete idiot!

But I had a shovel, and I knew how to dig, and I was eager to make something nice, and I was willing to ask silly questions of Katherine, my wife: "so Hosta's are for shade, right honey?" I was also interested in reading about plants, so I found a few books, learned a bit, then grabbed my shovel, and set out to work.

My first experimental site was the back of the property against the fence. I wish I had a before picture, because it was pretty pathetic. In the spring and summer of 2002, what little vegetation growing back there I dug under, and then I started heaping absolutely everything organinc that I could find in big piles under the spruce trees. It really didn't matter, but I dumped cones, chopped branches, dirt, compost, leaves, and lawn cuttings, and just let it rot.

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