Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hosta La Vista, Baby! (Part 2)

Well, here's what shade does for you! This bed runs along the fenceline at the back of the property, which has a randomly spaced line of about a dozen White Spruces arranged along it. This was my first experiment in gardening, and I just wanted to get something fairly simple and reasonably pleasing to the eye. There are roughly seventy Hostas in about a dozen different varieties, with a narrow band of standard orange Daylillies close to the fence. I started building this bed seven summers ago by dumping small windrows of compost or compostable materials, then spreading the material out later as it decomposed. The following two summers saw more material added, and spread out to form the rough shape of the bed as it appears now. Four summers ago I planted the first dozen or so Hostas, which were mostly recovered from other areas of the yard. Each year after that I added a few new ones, or split existing ones, until it got to where it is today. My most observant followers will notice that this is the same bed that I have pictured in 'Tree Culling Part 1', 2 posts below this one, just taken at a more oblique angle to the fenceline. What a difference two months make!