Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tree Culling Part II

Here are before and after photos of a portion of the east side of the property. This side used to be very overcrowded with trees, including a single trunk Manitoba Maple, a couple of badly leaning White Spruce (originally to the right of the picture), as well as a mostly dead Chestnut possibly in the back corner. I am now down to four nice White Spruce, and the Blue Spruce from the front lawn will be relocated here soon.

It is fairly obvious from the photos that the tree I felled wasn't growing particularly well, stuck in between two other impressive White Spruce. The removed tree was roughly 35 feet tall, compared to the 60 to 70 foot height of its neighbors. The taller trees were blocking a lot of the sun it required to grow, and at the same time, it was taking up valuable resources (water, organics, and mineral nutrients) from the soil that its neighbours could be putting to better use. Essentially it wasn't going to grow into a strong tree and it was stealing from other trees, so the decision was made to bring it down. Besides, I needed a good strong log to install as a support brace for the treehouse platform, and a round green log would work much better than a 2x8 or 4x4 post from the lumber yard. The branches were sent off to the town composting depot, a few of the more dead branches were burned for ash, and the balance of the logs cut and stacked for future burning, or donation.