Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's In A Name

Sometime last summer, after digging up a mammoth Hosta, heaving it out of the ground and splitting it up, then replanting the resulting 'offspring', I finally stepped back to have a look at my work. Not particularly shabby, thought I, as I looked at the formerly unkempt space at the back of our garden beneath the spruce trees. What several years before was a rather pathetic little collection of plants tucked in among the trunks at the fence line, was now a broad curving expanse of slightly more formal garden, with about sixty separate Hostas, the majority of which were of around six common types, and two or three each of about ten other different varieties.

For some reason I was thinking of an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, where Calvin dreams he is a private eye......"Let me introduce you to Mr. Smith, a friend of mine with a place close to my heart... a bit down, and to the left actually." our hero spoke, undoubtedly with a gravelly drawl. I liked the play on words, and in keeping with the subject matter of the cartoon, the expression "shady character" jumped into my head. Well that was it, the garden certainly had more than its fair share of shade, and with the house, property, and trees, its character.

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