Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tree Culling Part I

With the maturing age of all the White Spruce in the backyard, it is now evident that a few have lost the race to others. Two small trees in particular are very 'weedy' and are prime candidates for culling. So today I pulled out my trusty Husqvarna 353, set the choke and pulled the starter twice 'til the engine caught, then closed the choke and pulled once again to fire her up! About fifteen minutes later the smallest of the two weedy spruces was on the ground, completely limbed, and cut into two long sections which I will probably use in construction of the treehouse. The photo to the right is a view along the rear fenceline showing the line of spruces in the 'Hosta La Vista' Hosta bed, and the treehouse in the background. The Husky is sitting on the stump of the spruce I just removed. There is sufficient spacing between the two large remaining spruces to the left and right of this little one to accommodate a Japanese Maple of some type, which will add a bit of colour, and block the view of the rusting 40 year old trailer I always have to look at just over the fence!

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